20 Uses For Old Toothbrushes

Take a moment to imagine how many toothbrushes you have thrown out in your lifetime. If you follow our recommendations by replacing your toothbrush every three months that would mean you toss four brushes every year. Let’s see, I’m how old???? Let’s just agree that I’ve disposed of many. In an effort to reuse, re-purpose and recycle, we have come up with a list of 20 Uses For Old Toothbrushes.

I recommend disinfecting your oral health aids prior to using them for any of the beauty or personal care tips below. You can simply soak in bleach or boiling water for a few minutes, then rinse and allow to dry. Alternately, just toss your brush in the dishwasher. Now for our handy tips….

  1. Beauty brushes are costly, use a toothbrush for smoothing eyebrows or separating eyelashes.
  2. Been gardening? Even with gardening gloves my hands still manage to get dirty, especially around my nails. The toothbrush can be utilized to clean fingernails or even my son’s grimy toenails. I’ll save his next toothbrush for that!
  3. Speaking of toenails, buffing blocks or those cheese grater tools cause more calluses on feet. A toothbrush is a far gentler means of exfoliating softened skin on your tootsies.
  4. My hairdryer vent gets overheated due to clogged ventilation. You will be surprised to see how much lint you can remove with a few swipes of a toothbrush.
  5. Use your brush to isolate your highlights and color your roots. Want to dye your hair or add color for Halloween? Bingo!
  6. Try cleaning your jewelry. Especially rings that tend to dull from washing hands.
  7. Revive velcro by removing lint with your brush.
  8. Kids dropping crumbs all over your computer keyboard? Simply sweep them away.
  9. Add a couple of old brushes to your child’s art bin.  They can use them to texture paint, clay or play-dough.
  10. Keep a toothbrush in the laundry room to gently remove stains from clothing.
  11. A brush is a great tool to remove spots on floors or crayon on walls.
  12. When cleaning a fish tank they work wonders scrubbing algae from those decorative accessories.
  13. Apply a little vinegar to remove hard water deposits around faucets
  14. If it is time to reseal bathroom grout grab a toothbrush and your favorite cleaning agent to remove dirt and soap scum first.
  15. Clean up the soles of your kid’s shoes.
  16. scrub bicycle chains.
  17. Clean your golf clubs.
  18. Clean or decrumb those hard to reach places on small appliances like toasters, and coffeemakers.
  19. Speaking of hard to reach places, grab a toothbrush when you clean the interior of your car.
  20. And finally for my personal favorite, a handy dandy back scratcher.

La Grange Dental Associates hopes you enjoyed our list of 20 uses for old toothbrushes. I’m sure you can come up with a few creative suggestions of your own. Please comment to our blog post to share them!

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