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Christmas Patient Contest

Who doesn’t love gifts! Enter our 2016 Christmas Patient Contest to win. At La Grange Dental Associates we love our patients and we love to help keep you healthy. This year our lucky winner will receive a free Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connect electric toothbrush. Simply guess how many peppermint candies are in the jar. The […]

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Happy Halloween Dental Health Tips

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Spooky fun and tasty treats are irresistible. One sure fire way to spoil the fun is to get a cavity! Enjoy our Happy Halloween Dental Health Tips without spoiling the holiday. Meals First Feed your children well balanced nutritious meals before allowing them to indulge. As a result, they are less […]

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Back to School Gift Card

It is that time again when kids will soon be heading back to school. We hope everyone has had a great summer. Enjoy some nutritious back to school tips as well as a special back to school offer for Everyone! For the remainder of August all new patients will receive a back to school gift […]

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Is Flossing Beneficial?

YES, YES, YES!!!! The latest dietary guidelines for Americans, issued by the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, quietly dropped any mention of flossing without notice. This week, The Associated Press reported that officials had never researched the effectiveness of regular flossing, as required. So the question remains is flossing beneficial? The media has […]

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Probiotics to Prevent Cavities?

Cavity causing bacteria thrive when the mouth is acidic. The PH of the mouth must be balanced to prevent decay. What if we could use other bacteria to help control the PH? Is it possible to utilize probiotics to prevent cavities? Sugary and acidic foods contribute to decay, Limiting the frequency of these foods help reduce the risk for […]

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Sleep Apnea

 Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that effects breathing. The word apnea is of Greek origin meaning “want of breath”. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common form of apnea. OSA occurs when the airway is physically blocked by the tongue, uvula and other soft tissues at the back of the mouth. New dental treatments are […]

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