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Musical Instruments Transmit Oral Germs

Thank goodness for Spring! This winter has been a brutal season full or colds, flu, strep, pneumonia and countless other easily transmittable illnesses.  I frequently and lovingly, refer to my elementary school children as “germ infected little monsters”. Kids pass germs routinely at school, therefore, they bring them home to families. Children frequently try their […]

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An estimated 80 million Americans suffer from Halitosis also known as bad breath. This is a sensitive topic that can be embarrassing to discuss. It can effect both personal and professional relationships. Although there are many causes of Halitosis, most originate from the mouth. There are a number of potential suspects in addition to the more obvious […]

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Parade a Huge Community Hit!

Once again the La Grange Pet Parade was a huge hit with community members!With over 200 participants represented, there was plenty to see. Our pooches had a blast frolicking with their canine comrades. Many people had water bowls on the streets edge to hydrate the pets as they passed by. Thank you soooo much for […]

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