February is Children’s Dental Health Month


While this month brings thoughts of love and romance for many, we at La Grange Dental Associates celebrate that February is Children’s Dental Health Month! Enjoy our blog with some helpful info on kids oral health.


Fluoride is critical to dental health. The best way to get fluoride to the teeth is to build it in. Baby teeth start forming in utero at eight weeks gestation. Therefore, when mom ingests fluoridated water the developing teeth absorb the mineral. Ensuring children drink fluoridated water through their youth will continue to deposit valuable fluoride as the baby and adult teeth form. As a result, your child will grow up with strong healthy, decay resistant teeth.

When to Brush

It is never too soon to introduce brushing. Even before baby teeth erupt a warm wash cloth can be used to swipe gently along the gums. This will help the child become accustomed to oral cleansing. Lead by example. Make brushing in the morning and night a family routine. Establishing habits prevent resistance later on.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Growing children need frequent snacks. Help your child make wise decisions by allowing them to choose from nutritious options. Celery or apples with peanut butter are a family favorite of ours. My picky daughter isn’t a fan of fruit but loves my smoothies. I tend to toss in some frozen kale or spinach which she thinks is “seasoning” wink, wink! Seeds and nuts are packed full of healthy fats and protein. I like to mix these up with shaved coconut and freeze dried fruit for a fun spin. Kids like junk, it is unavoidable, and so do I for that matter! Teaching our children moderation is crucial to developing healthy lifestyles.

Empower your kids with knowledge about nutritious choices. Provide them with the fluoride they need to grow and develop healthy teeth. Teach them when and how to brush effectively. Enjoy Valentine’s Day and hug your kids as February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

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