Nitrous Oxide Sedation Is Your Solution to Dental Anxiety

Many individuals suffer from dental anxiety. Perhaps it stemmed from a negative experience or a fear of the unknown. Advances in dentistry are plentiful. Therefore negative experiences are a thing of the past. Nitrous Oxide Sedation is your solution to dental anxiety.


Nitrous Oxide has been used in medicine and dentistry since 1844 to reduce pain and anxiety during procedures. Nitrous Oxide wasn’t initially used as frequently as Ether since Nitrous is a gas. Ether was easier to transport as a liquid, hence its popularity.  However, it seems many offices don’t offer this safe and effective option. Our providers at La Grange Dental Associates we want every visit to be as relaxed as possible.


Nitrous Oxide is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that covers the nose. It is often referred to as Laughing gas as some individuals feel a bit giddy from it. For the most part, it induces a relaxed feeling. The individual is completely conscious and able to communicate. One also retains full memory of the appointment. Some people describe sensations such as tingling in the hands or feet or feel lightheaded. The onset of it’s effects are quick, usually within 20 or 30 seconds

Nitrous oxide is safe for children and adults. Its effects wear off by providing oxygen when discontinuing the nitrous oxide. The oxygen flushes the gas from the patient’s system. Therefore, it is safe to drive following this form of sedation.


Few people are poor candidates for Nitrous Oxide. Some examples might include individuals that cannot breath from the nose due to allergies, upper respiratory infection or nasal obstruction. Individuals who are claustrophobic might not feel comfortable with the nasal hood. Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy or Emphysema would also be poor candidates for Nitrous Oxide sedation.

Dental fear can be a thing of the past. At La Grange Dental Associates we strive to every dental experience a pleasant and positive one. Nitrous Oxide Sedation is your solution to dental anxiety.

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