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Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

You have likely seen or heard the buzz surrounding activated charcoal in numerous beauty products. But tooth whitening? Several manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon utilizing activated charcoal in toothpaste claiming amazing whitening potential. So I have two questions; Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth? Is it safe? We did the research and put it to […]

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Join Us At The Western Springs Tower Trot

Have plans Memorial Day Weekend? We do! Join us at the Western Springs Tower Trot on Saturday, May 26. This annual fund raising run has been a local staple for 41 years. 2018 Beneficiary For the first time, proceeds will benefit the Healing Hearts for Ashley Foundation. This worthy organization is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness […]

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Musical Instruments Transmit Oral Germs

Thank goodness for Spring! This winter has been a brutal season full or colds, flu, strep, pneumonia and countless other easily transmittable illnesses.  I frequently and lovingly, refer to my elementary school children as “germ infected little monsters”. Kids pass germs routinely at school, therefore, they bring them home to families. Children frequently try their […]

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