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Musical Instruments Transmit Oral Germs

Thank goodness for Spring! This winter has been a brutal season full or colds, flu, strep, pneumonia and countless other easily transmittable illnesses.  I frequently and lovingly, refer to my elementary school children as “germ infected little monsters”. Kids pass germs routinely at school, therefore, they bring them home to families. Children frequently try their […]

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Western Springs Tower Trot

La Grange Dental Associates is proud to announce our participation and sponsorship of the 40th Annual Western Springs Tower Trot! The event will take place on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Proceeds will benefit the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1992 by Barrett “Bear” Krupa, Kathleen Casey, Bear’s mother and Courtney, […]

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Happy Halloween Dental Health Tips

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Spooky fun and tasty treats are irresistible. One sure fire way to spoil the fun is to get a cavity! Enjoy our Happy Halloween Dental Health Tips without spoiling the holiday. Meals First Feed your children well balanced nutritious meals before allowing them to indulge. As a result, they are less […]

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